September 11, 2016

US casualties when attacking Indonesia (absurd view)

US casualties when attacking Indonesia (absurd view) ,
Kerugian Amerika Bila Menyerang Indonesia (versi absurd)
American losses During the attack Indonesia (absurd view) - the United States will not invade Indonesia, the Pentagon imagine if the US had to invade Indonesia, how many losses sustained by the United States and how much profit the Indonesian side of the presence of US troops in Indonesia.
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losses When America Strikes Indonesia (v absurd)

1. Ocean Zone
once in the inland waters of Indonesia, clogged customs to bring firearms and sharp weapons and equipment war without a license issued by the Indonesian government. This means that the United States must provide "the peace money" try to calculate how profits Indonesia if the US default as. Also, if the president jokowi know they will definitely sunk vessels and foreign fishing boats are still TVOne dibicararakan.

2. Basecamp
Then, if they have installed a military base camp, predictable around the base camp will certainly be surrounded by vendors meatballs, fried chicken gerobakan, artisan ice coconut, shiners, stands VCDs pirates, until the closing clothing USD .10.000 3 rooms, pp more employers will follow carousel hanging around base camp AS.
3. Vehicle War
fighting vehicles and armored then parked near Camp parking fees Base will be charged by the agents of the office parking area. If the first 2 hours per vehicle charged 10,000 (rates knowingly white people hehe ...), how much should be paid if US vehicles and tanks must be parked for a month.

4. Continental area
On the way to base camp location of US forces face Mr. Cepek who claim to fix the whole road by charging a fee for vehicles that pass through these roads, and if the combat vehicles and tanks must turn / pass-junction, they must prepare coins for Mr. Cepek.
5. Barriers
A major hassle for the group if they have a convoy of US troops, because the convoy that will certainly slow walk on over to the buskers, beggars and children streets. This means having to spend a new penny, not to mention if the road met a police package undoubtedly already in contact with the syringe for convoys without permission. Imagine how much money should be spent for speeding.

6. Environmental conditions
At the military base camp, US soldiers certainly could not sleep because of mosquitoes "kayak big vampire goodness." Night in the lonely forest, they will also be visited by women who laugh and cry. They should be happy to be a date with this woman, but the fun will disappear at the sight of these women had a large hole in his back qiqiqii ....

7. Adaptation
The next morning, they could not take a shower because many river impassable "field of yellow mines" or military language "yellow face" (Qiqiqi ..) installed / diajtuhkan by the inhabitants of the alias "helicopter flying" WC floating on the river.

8 . Must focus
Americans also could not be further from the war equipment, because around the base camp are already staking Used traders are war equipment ready mempreteli they bring advanced, Meleng some advanced tanks, they will dikiloin loans. Not to mention the curanmor are ready to enter the war jeeps if they were re-caulked and painted can be sold cheap to the children of rich people who want gaya'an style.

9. Clothing
In addition troubling US troops will be moldy agency because he could not change his clothes. If you dare drying clothes and reckless Meleng little, tomorrow the clothes they already mejeng the Jatinegara market in second-hand clothes stalls. In addition, the strengths of the US telecommunications equipment must also be on guard because the Red Axe tight bandits already eyeing the art equipment. Hmmm ..

10. State land
And they must also pay rent for the land used for camp based Haji Husein Haji Mamat and engkong owners Jai, in addition, they must also ask permission to RT / RW local village, how many tables to spend and how much money should be set up for officials mengamplopi this official? .

11. Guard
The US commander also receive additional rights that oversee many soldiers slipped out of camp basic to watch dangdut He said he citata Cita there, they were intrigued by the song he says the pain tuh here. In addition, they also have the Ebola and similar viruses in Indonesia.
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